Sunday Morning

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Cannon Beach Oregon ... 1030am 23November2008. Temp - 46. Wind - still. Sunrise 727a. Sunset 437p. Tides. I rode my bike south to Silver Point again today, but I had to walk it home. It went lame forcing me to end my outing and begin the walk home. I ride in the surf regularly. The salt water makes short work of bearings and anything else it gets to. I wash it off after each use with a gentle spray and then use Tri Flo on the chain and and other moving parts before heading out again. Even so, I'm back at the bike shop every few months for repairs. My current bike is a beater which I bought at a garage sale. After going through a new bike, I decided to fix old ones instead. Any donors out there. I like fat tires and plenty of gears. Image #1 today is Lady Rock as a wave crashes over. I love the color of the water reflecting the blue sky. Lady Rock is in Tolovana at the foot of Orford Street. Image #2 is Silver Point Rock laden with Pelicans. They all seem to be preening. From the number of Pelicans around these days, I imagine fishing must be pretty good. Image #3 is looking North at Silve Point Rock. It was at this point that my bike reached the end of another chapter. Image #4 is one of the interesting rock formations at Silver Point that I mentioned yesterday. This one seldon if ever get coveredd with sand. For today surf shot go to the SurfCam page. There, you will also find today's photo and a surf report from Mark Mekenes of Cannon Beach Surf. .. George

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15Nov2008 Night. Photo 1 Bella Espresso, 2 George Vetter FotoArt, 3 Arriba Gallery, 4 Purple Moon--George. 14Nov2008 More sun today. Another nice sunset. Photo 4 is Astoria Country Club. Good prelude for the weekend--George. 13Nov2007 The sun came out, the roads dried up. The sunset was heavenly!--George. 12Nov2008 Rain, rain, wind and more rain. Flooding on 101 between CB and Seaside. Closed to cars and minivans. This is common and as soon as the rain lets up and/or the tide recedes, it will be open again--George 11Nov2008 Wind and rain, but not heavy. Storm watching weather--George. For more notes click the Read More link below.

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