Cannon Beach Oregon - Saturday Morning

21Apr2012<br />
Looking South<br />
photo G Vetter 21Apr2012<br />
Looking West<br />
photo G Vetter 21Apr2012<br />
Looking North<br />
photo G Vetter 21Apr2012<br />
My Cannon Beach<br />
photo G Vetter
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Cannon Beach Oregon .. Saturday 9am 21Apr2012. Temp - 54. Sunrise 619a. Sunset 810p. Sun overhead, fog on the beach, but burning off as I made my way back from Haystack Rock. Real nice morning at the Rock. Spotted puffins 10 times, but HRAP voluneer Jenee Pearce says only thre have been spotted at once so far. Once more are back, three rescued puffins will be released to join thier species. For today's surf shot go to the SurfCam page. There, you will also find today's photo and surf report from Mark Mekenes of Cannon Beach Surf. .. George

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