Notes from cbnet prior to WebLog

15Nov2008 Night. Photo 1 Bella Espresso, 2 George Vetter FotoArt, 3 Arriba Gallery, 4 Purple Moon--George. 14Nov2008 More sun today. Another nice sunset. Photo 4 is Astoria Country Club. Good prelude for the weekend--George. 13Nov2007 The sun came out, the roads dried up. The sunset was heavenly!--George. 12Nov2008 Rain, rain, wind and more rain. Flooding on 101 between CB and Seaside. Closed to cars and minivans. This is common and as soon as the rain lets up and/or the tide recedes, it will be open again--George 11Nov2008 Wind and rain, but not heavy. Storm watching weather--George. For more notes click the Read More link below.
10Nov2008 Stormy Weather Arts Festival was stormy but today was nice. Photos should be coming more regularly now--George. 31Oct2008 Photo 1 is dune grading on Ocean Ave at Adams St. More gulls and pelicans. This time at the mouth of Ecola Creek. Photo 4 is ocean front near there--George. 30Oct2008 Gulls and pelicans galore. Must have been my cologne. Thanks to my neighbor Janet for the tip--George. 29Oct2008 Photos from above Silver Point from hillside lot for sale - not mine. See ad on Real Estate page. Photo 4 is of the lot--George. 27Oct2008 Early morning photos before the sun except photo 4 - last night\'s sunset. It was awesome--George. 25Oct2008 Aerial photos from the Seaside Helicoptors bird. Still flying weekends while the weather holds. Photo 2 is Chapman Point. Photo 3 is Chapman Point, Ecola Point and Indian Beach. Photo 4 is the Circle Creek Campground--George. 24Oct2008 Another nice day. Photos 3 and 4 are Hemlock St downtown--George. 22Oct2008 Beautiful fall day. I drove east into the coast range on Highway 26 and then down Nehalem River Road--George. 21Oct2008 Sunny day. Photos from Silver Point and downtown. Photo 4 is Super Dave passing through from Seattle to San Francisco--George. 20Oct2008 This morning\s rain is gone. Photos are downtown. #4 George Vetter FotoArt. European Images are printing so the gallery will have whole new look for Stormy Weather Arts Festival-- George.18Oct2008 Very nice morning. Good day for the dog show on the beach at Surfsand Resort--George. 17Oct2008 Rain yesterday, but nice today. Photo #3 is where I am thinking the live webcam will go--George. 15Oct2008. Moonlit morning. Also caught some sunrise color--George. 14Oct2008 Was out early for the moonset. Nice sunrise--George. 12Oct2008 Change in the weather today. Cloudy but no wind. Much quieter in town today--George. 11Oct2008 Warm sun, cool air. Been in 30\'s overnight. Photo 2 is sea lion molting--George. 07Oct2008 A break in the rain. Photos from my rooftop this morning in south Cannon Beach--George. 01Oct2008 Cannon Beach Candidates Forum at Coaster Theatre. From left, for Mayor Bill Bennett and Mike Morgan. For Council Wendy Higgins, Melissa Cadwallader and Jerome Arnold--George. 28Sep2008 Was out in the dark this am to get photo #2. Sun is out now--George. 26Sep2008 Had a couple rainy days but sky is breaking today. Photos are from two days ago 5 miles south in Arch Cape at Arch Cape House. The rock is Castle Rock--George 14Sep2008 We\'re having some real nice Sept days. How time flies when one is busy. Sorry for such a long spell of no new photos. I\'ve been spending time in my gallery. I need to make room for Europe. I am offering free shipping on everything currently hanging on the walls - plus a buy one piece, and get a second of equal or lesser value for half off promotion. I\'ll be sending out an email listing available pieces. If you want to be included, let me know--George. 31Aug2008 Rain this morning. Rode to the far North end. Very interesting sky and reflections--George. 30Aug2008 Labor Day Weekend. Biked past Haystack Rock to Ecola Creek. Sun breaks along the way--George. 28Aug2008 Don\'t see rainbows like this around here very often. Photos are at Silver Point--George. 26Aug2008 Near high tide, but still lots of wet sand. As Labor Day approaches, the crowd thins--George 22Aug2008 Glorious day. Rode down to Hug Point at low tide--George 19Aug2008 Storm blowing in from the southwest - adding a little variety to coastal mix--George. 16Aug2008 5 days running of excellent weather. The 100+ temperatures in the valley are driving relief seekers to the coast--George. 09Aug2008 Nice morning ride south into the wind at Silver Point. Photo 2 is Jockey Cap Rock. Wind brought in more clouds and rain. Still working on my Europe images--George. 04Aug2008 Haystack Rock Awareness Program. At the rock at low tide daily. I\'ve been working on my images from Europe. 52 days and 10 countries. I will begin to post my day by day photo journal here soon. I will then give a daily verbal account of conditions here in Cannon Beach--George.31July2008 Another fine day at the beach. Bike to Haystack, then down to Silver Point--George 30July2008 After yesterday\'s mild January day, today we had a very nice July day--George. 29July2008 Cannon Beach Farmer\'s Market (Tuesdays 2-6pm thru Sept 30th) in Midtown as they are setting up for their 2pm opening--George. 28July2008 Biked down to Haystack Rock this am. Nice sunny morning--George. 27July2008 Downtown - Summer Sunday at the beach--George. 26July2008 Downtown at Village Centre - making the most of summer vacation--George. 25July2008 Photos from Tolovana Wayside. #4 is downtown at Seasons Restaurant--George 24July2008 The awesome beauty of Cannon Beach is on display today. 23July2008 Summer is in full swing at the beach. Our lifeguards keep a careful watch--George. 18July2008 I\'m back. Spent 2 months touring Europe - 10 countries. 2 weeks on a cruise ship, three weeks in a car and the rest by train and bus. Lots of new images. I will eventually get many of them up on my gallery\'s website - 04July2008 Most of the drizzle held off for the parade. Parade photos will be posted on over the next couple of days--Glynis. 27June2008 It\'s perfectly clear that it\'s going to be a great weekend--Glynis. 23June2008 Starting the week in Tolovana--Glynis. 07June2008 Rain clouds parted enough to have a regular Sandcastle Fest. I\'ll be posting as many as I can on, and George can work on the slide show post when he returns in July--Glynis. 02June2008 It started out well...Glynis. 28May2008 More mist than sun again--Glynis, filling in while George is traveling the next few weeks. 17May2008 Not so hot. Even a better beach day. Photo 4 is Glynis Valenti in her new shop (Spirited) in Tolovana--George. 16May2008 Awesome day for beach-goers--George. 15May2008 Beautiful day at the beach. Photo 1 is downtown at the city parking lot. Photo 4 is the CB Elementary School--George. 14May2008 Warming up, but still overcast this am. Photo two is Duane and Richard. Photo 4 is CB Gallery Group meeting at Jeff Hull Gallery--George. 12May2008 Mixed weather again today. Photo 2 is new home going up on Hemlock in south end of town--George. 11May2008 Happy Mother\'s Day to you moms. Looks like we\'ll have some sun breaks here today--George. 09May2008 Took a little drive up Sunset to Seascape this am--George. 08May2008 Today\'s images are from downtown Seaside - 7 miles to the north--George. 07May2008 Overcast. Cool breeze out of the northwest. Minus 1.6 tide. Tidepools steaming with life. 06May2008 Misty. 50\'s. Minus tide today and for rest of week--George. 05May2008 Cloudy this am but sun came out later. Photos of downtown. 04May2008 Sun is back. 50\'s, but cool wind from NE. Great crowd in town for Spring Unveiling. 01May2008 Low 50\'s this am. Photos are the sculputes that will be voted on this weekend. The winner will remain on permanent display. The others will be replaced next year with new ones that will be voted on then--George. 30Apr2008 Mixed bag of weather today. High 40\'s. Photos from Inspiration Point--George. 28Apr2008 Wet. 50\'s. Mark you calendar for Spring Unveiling this weekend--George. 27Apr2008 Overcast. 50\'s--George. 26Apr2008 Beautiful day. After shooting this am, I spent the day in my gallery and didn\'t get photos up till late--George. 25Apr2008 Still cool - 40\'s. Shot #4 is new sculpure by midtown overpass--George. 24Apr2008 Overcast. Mid 40\'s. Today\'s shots are from last night at Indian Beach during the filming of Twilight--George. 23Apr2008 Cold and wet. Photos at Tolovana Wayside - base camp for filming of Twilight today at Indian Beach--George. 22Apr2008 Earth Day. A bit warmer and dryer - low 40\'s. Photos from the foot of West Way--George. 21Apr2008 Cold and wet. Mid 30\'s. Snow in the hills. Photos from Tolovana Wayside. #4 is on Poplar St--George. 20Apr2008 Another high interest morning on the coast. Minus tide and great lighting. All shots from Silver Point. #2 is self portrait. #4 is hut built with driftwood--George. 19Apr2008 Wild weather. Cold, wind, hail, outrageous clouds--George. 18Apr2008 Showers, low 40\'s at Breakers Point--George. 17Apr2008 Solid cloud cover this morning. Temp in high 40\'s--George. 16Apr2008 Much nicer this morning. Images from the foot of Jackson Street. 15Apr2008 Windy and cold this morning. Temp at 40-- George. 14Apr2008 Back to some Spring showers today. Good day to get your taxes done--George. 12Apr2008 You gotta love this weather. Early morning at Haystack Rock--George. 11Apr2008 I\'m back. At least for now. Glynis is getting a well-deserved break. Beautiful day here--George. 30Mar2008 Today\'s mix of sun and clouds--Glynis.19Mar2008 Daffodils and roses enjoying the sunny skies--Glynis.16Mar2008 A break in the rain at Tolovana Wayside--Glynis. 06Mar2008--More clouds but warmer temps--Glynis. 04Mar2008 Stunning views from Hemlock St.--Glynis. 23Feb2008 Photos of spring arriving in Midtown--Glynis. 19Feb2008 A quiet Tuesday after a busy weekend--Glynis. 16Feb2008 Beautiful even when grey--Glynis.12Feb2008 Winter is still with us this week--Glynis. 03Feb2008 Have a super Super Bowl Sunday--Glynis. 02Feb2008 A brief break on a rainy Saturday--Glynis. 27Jan2008 A mixed weather bag today, from sun to showers to snow--Glynis. 23Jan2008 A perfect day to be at the beach--Glynis. 20Jan2008 Sea and sky are the focus today--Glynis. 13Jan2008 EVERYONE enjoying this beautiful SUNday--Glynis. 10Jan2008 An all too brief respite from rain allowed me to take a few shots--Glynis. 05Jan2008 People out for brr-risk walks this morning--Glynis. 30Dec2007 One of today\'s showers in progress--Glynis. 21Dec2007 Presents at US Bank are ready for Santa to pick up--Glynis. 20Dec2007 This morning\'s light was better for viewing than photographing--Glynis 15Dec2007 Birds lying low as stormy weather blows in---Glynis. 12Dec2007 Life getting back to a quiet normal--Glynis. 27Nov2007 The south viewpoint after the rain--Glynis. 24Nov2007 Hanging out around high tide downtown--Glynis. 20Nov2007 Clean, cool, crisp like an apple--Glynis. 17Nov2007 These were taken just before more rain and wind arrived--Glynis. 13Nov2007 Still rough and high water after yesterday\'s crazy storm--Glynis.10Nov2007 We\'ll take today\'s unexpected sunny skies. More rain coming--Glynis. 07Nov2007 Clouds and clearing throughout the day. The light was very filtered this morning--07Nov2007. 04Nov2007 This morning\'s mist is the first glimpse of stormy weather all weekend. The weather and Festival have been great--Glynis.
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Posted by LINDA NEVIN | November 18, 2008 | 11:51:43
Mr. Vetter,
I live in Enumclaw, Washington and my life long dream is to live in Cannon Beach. I would appreciate any and all emails you send out. Anything to do with Cannon Beach, pictures,information or whatever you think I may enjoy would be awesome. I am always on your site looking at the pictures. The one at the top with the snow just took my breath away. If there is any way to get a copy of that i would love to frame it. Thank You for keeping my dream alive. ~ Linda
Posted by Laurie Jean | November 18, 2008 | 15:51:26
I am a resident of Montana but born and raised on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland... I long for the water. My husband brought me to Cannon Beach for vacation in October two years ago... we will never miss another October. What a wonderful place. When things get overwhelming and life is just too nuts I find solace in the pictures you post and look forward to them daily. Seems I can always find my way back to that rock..the sights, the waves, the gulls, etc. THANK YOU for the work you do!!! Know that there are folks that truly appreciate it. Keep up the good work.
PS: I stopped by your studio this year but you were not open, I was buying a coffee and by chance found you. Wow.. nice store front. See you next October for sure!

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