Cannon Beach - Thursday Morning

10June2010<br />
Looking South<br />
photo G Vetter 10June2010<br />
Looking West<br />
photo G Vetter 10June2010<br />
Looking North<br />
photo G Vetter 10June2010<br />
My Cannon Beach<br />
photo G Vetter
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Cannon Beach Oregon ... Thursday 8am 10Jun2010. Temp - 54. Sunrise 525a. Sunset 905p. Got a call this morning saying there were two eagles at the mouth of the creek at Tolovana Park. I jumped on my bike and headed over. When I got there they were gone, but I did see one soaring high overhead a few minutes later. Eagle sightings are not quite as unusual anymore, although they are not common - at least not on the beach. The rain was coming down lightly but I headed south with the wind to my back to Silver Point where I came upon a 6-inch round float in the surf hosting a community of barnacles. They were very active, opening and closing as I watched the tide occassionally wash over them. For today's surf shot go to the SurfCam page. There, you will also find today's photo and surf report from Mark Mekenes of Cannon Beach Surf. .. George
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